Work With Us

As a travel-blog No Road Back has only been online for a few months, but we are quickly picking up traffic. Apart from our blog, we also have an outreach on social media. We have an audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and in the not to distant future Youtube.

At the moment we are open for all interesting offers to work together, so the best approach is to drop us an email ( with your proposal. Note however that we feel obligated towards our audience to maintain our authenticity and independence. That does not mean that we do not accept sponsored trips or products but rather that we will not recommend anything that we do not personally believe in, nor will we write a positive article about a location or accommodation of which we feel is really not that good.

Next to this we work with a variety of affiliates. It is our policy that we only want to partner with websites, companies, products etc. that we believe in and of which we think will actually be beneficial for our readers.