Travel Resources

Traveling freely without a care in the world is the best. But if you just go out and about you’ll probably end up stressed out of your mind. All hostels are suddenly booked full, its raining like hell all the time and you did not bring any rain-gear. And when you decide to – fuck it – and go back home you find out at the airport that the only way to do so includes 4 stop-overs and costs you more than your bank-account holds.. yeah, nobody wants that.

Luckily enough there are some awesome travel resources that will take care of a lot of these things for you. Below I summed up the best tools when planning an adventure.

Booking tickets for an airplane


Skyscanner is one of the best sites for booking your flight tickets. They do not track your IP to up the prices when you return for a second viewing, which can’t be said about all its competitors.



Kayak is great if you are looking for a cheap flight at a certain date but have no set destination. Use the ‘Explore’ option to get a graphic map overview of all flights and its prices going on a certain date from the closest airport to your home.

Booking hotels is my go-to booking site for hotels all around the world. They offer the sharpest prices and have the biggest collection of guest-reviews out there. When Booking says a hotel is good, it probably is. has the best (and most extensive) selection of hotels in South-East Asia. If its on any booking-site, its on Agoda.

Hostelworld has become the go-to website for booking hostels. Looking for a cheap dorm? Hostelworld will help you out.