About No Road Back

No Road Back is a blog about backpack-travel all around the world. Not necessarily on a shoe-string but keeping a budget in mind. After all, the less you spend the further your money will take you! We undertake both short and multiple-month trips but always try to write our articles and guides in such a way that they are useful for everybody that works a full-time job and is looking for a nice destination for a holiday-break. The aim is to help you enjoy the destinations we visited as much as we did, without falling into the same traps!


Hi, I am Thijn (most people pronounce it as “Tain”), the (main) content-creator of this travel website. I used to be a creative genius making my own movies and studying to become a director at a prestigious Theatre Academy.. but the school didn’t fit me and I lost my inspiration completely. I finished a masters and now work a busy corporate job..but I am getting back to my creative old self (Jesus that sounds mushy) through this blog! Website. I hate the word blog.

As a traveler I’ve visited all continents except Antarctica (high on the list!). I’ve taken a full year trip to Australia and South-East Asia, returned multiple times to South-East Asia, done a multiple-month trip through South and Central-America and one from east to west in the US. Being European means I’ve seen most of Europe. On road-trips, as a hitch-hiker or just for short holidays or city-trips.

I am based in Amsterdam and not a full-time traveler (dammit!), but I take on every possibility to do so. Cooking is awesome, eating even more and I cannot skip out on a good trek, climb or MTB-ride.

Lisan & Thijn

Lisan is my girlfriend and we travel a lot together. We’ve traveled together through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and try to go on as many city-trips as possible. I call myself the thrill-seeker but while I start vomiting uncontrollably after a slightly bumpy bus-ride, Lisan braves the most insane carnival rides laughing. Next to that she ensures we do not skip out on culture on our trips. Museums, churches, temples, you name it. Where my solo-travels (or travels with other friends or random strangers met on the road) tend to be a bit more rough, our duo-trips are more balanced and sophisticated.. but that does not mean you won’t find us trekking through some jungle, dancing in a Cuban night-club or lazying out on some bounty-island in the South-Pacific (wow, I am getting my list together for 2018;) ).

Apart from our trips together, Lisan has lived in Italy for a while and explored most of Europe as well. She has a masters in Nutrition & Health, loves to dance and is good at it. Can be nerdy (museums, books), girly (she likes fashion and can watch those Instagram-video’s where they do a girls hair and then wave it around for hours) and loves food (who doesn’t?).

Why ‘No Road Back’?

The short answer? It has an adventurous sound to it and is easy to remember.  Next to this the name comes from the believe that one should not be looking back but only forward. In Dutch it translates into something that is best described as ‘the point of no return’. By no means do I encourage ‘burning the bridges behind you’, but a focus on what’s ahead instead of on what’s in the past seems to always be more interesting and fruitful.  In travel this can even be true on a more literate level. If you view every movement you make on a trip as going towards something, its more enjoyable and it opens you up to new ideas. When you return from an excursion, for example, instead of seeing this as ‘returning’ see it as the next road forward. Can you take a detour that is more interesting? Can you use the time you spend travelling/ waiting/ sitting/ driving to prepare for your next destination? Or even more simple: the road viewed from the other direction gives you a whole new perspective, so allow yourself to enjoy this as well, even though you already traversed the exact same road/steps/tracks the other way around. You see? There is No Road Back!